Thank you for your purchase. Below is some general information about Teak and what you can expect from your furniture.

Consistency of colour will vary when first received however, after a few weeks outside the furniture will mellow to the same colour.

As part of the weathering process, cracks and splits will appear on your furniture, particularly on the end grain and to a lesser extent on the surface within a few weeks. Don’t be alarmed when you see this, as this is normal behaviour with close grain hardwoods. The reason why this happens is because some of the natural oils and materials will evaporate due to exposure to the elements.

Although Teak is virtually maintenance free, if untreated, the wood will weather to an attractive silver-grey colour.

Teak is a highly durable wood, though it is recommended that where possible, furniture should be stored inside, or covered during the winter months. This will help maintain the life and beauty of your furniture.

Whilst every effort is taken to ensure that the furniture you receive is in perfect condition, it may be necessary to tighten bolts that have loosened during transit. We recommend that from time to time you check to ensure all bolts are tight.

We hope you enjoy your Teak furniture for many years to come.