As the warmer months approach, many people begin to plan outdoor gatherings with family and friends. And, for some, garden stacking chairs are essential pieces of outdoor furniture for hosting garden gatherings!

If you're a little unsure whether stackable chairs are the right fit for you, our article can help. In this buying guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about garden stacking chairs and provide key information on important factors to consider before purchasing.

Read on to discover our complete buying guide to outdoor stacking chairs…

What are garden stacking chairs?

As you may have guessed by the name, garden stacking chairs are a type of outdoor seating arrangement designed to be stackable. So, you’ll be able to store garden stacking chairs on top of one another when not in use.

Garden stacking chairs are a popular type of outdoor furniture feature, as they offer superb space-saving and storage qualities. Outdoor stacking chairs also benefit from a lightweight and transportable design, without compromising on visual appeal. This is so they can be easily stacked and placed into storage with little to no effort.

Garden stacking chairs are one of the most popular chair types to have for outdoor parties and gatherings. So, if you’re a fan of making the most out of your garden space by hosting for loved ones, stacking chairs will (without a doubt) come to great use!

What’s more, there’s a superb amount of choice with garden stacking chairs. Similar to other outdoor seating arrangement options, they can be made to showcase a variety of styles, sizes and designs. So, rest assured that there will be stackable chairs that match your unique style preferences perfectly.

What are the main benefits of stacking garden chairs?

There are several advantages to having access to outdoor stacking chairs, which we’ve gone into more detail about below.

Outdoor stacking chairs are convenient

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve had to bring your indoor dining chairs out into the garden to accommodate guests? If you have, all you require is access to garden stacking chairs.

Outdoor stacking garden chairs are one of the most convenient types of outdoor furniture. They’re lightweight, easy to move around and can be brought out from storage at a moment's notice, should you find yourself entertaining a few more guests than usual.

Garden stacking chairs are space-saving

If you have limited storage space but require more outdoor seating, investing in garden stacking chairs would be a worthwhile investment.

This chair type is specially designed to take up as little floor space as possible, thanks to their unique ability to be stacked on top of one another. This means you will have access to more floor space to use however you see fit, as your stackable chairs will be stored away neatly and practically.

Outdoor stacking chairs are versatile

As we mentioned earlier, stacking garden chairs come in a variety of shapes, colours, styles and sizes, ideal for those who are looking for outdoor furniture to slot in with their existing decor seamlessly.

For example, it doesn’t matter whether your outdoor space is designed to give a rustic, modern, traditional or even a minimalist look and feel, you’ll be able to find garden stacking chairs that match. What’s more, when we say design versatility, what we’re referring to is the shape and chair structure options available.

For example, you may prefer outdoor seating with curved features, whilst some may prefer straighter backrests and symmetrical armrests. Outdoor stacking chairs are made to showcase a broad range of designs that offer a variety of comfort and style options, making it easier than ever to find the right chair for you. 

Outdoor stacking chairs are durable and long-lasting

Compared to standard outdoor chairs, garden stacking chairs are built to be much more robust and long-lasting.

This is due to their ability to be stacked, which requires them to withstand more pressure and weight than standard chairs. For example, if you were to stack your average outdoor chairs on top of one another, they would likely become damaged, whereas garden stacking chairs are designed to handle this type of strain without any harm being done to the integrity of the chairs themselves.

Generally speaking, outdoor stacking chairs are also often constructed with reinforced legs and stronger framing. This is to provide added strength and improved stability to the stacking chairs when in a stacked position.

While there are variations (which we will discuss in more detail later on in this article), stacking chairs should always be made from high-quality materials known for their durability, such as solid teak. This is to ensure that the chairs can withstand not only the extra weight of being stacked, but also the elements. 

Garden stacking chairs are cost-effective

Depending on the material you choose, stacking chairs may be considered a budget-friendly option for furnishing an outdoor space.

However, even if you were to choose a material of better quality with a higher purchase price, this will also be financially beneficial in the long run, as the stackable chairs will maintain their quality over time, eliminating the need to purchase replacements for years to come.

Common materials used to create garden stacking chairs

There are a few commonly used garden stacking chair materials, which are plastic, metal and timber variations.

Plastic garden stacking chairs

Plastic garden stacking chairs are most associated with being an affordable alternative and tend to be made from polypropylene (PP).

Plastic stacking chairs usually benefit from a lightweight structure and are easy to clean, however, as with all plastic furniture, garden stacking chairs made from this material aren’t known for their durability, and will be more prone to damage, due to the flimsy nature of the material.

What’s more, plastic garden chairs don’t tend to be as comfortable as other readily available options, and of course, they aren’t incredibly eco-friendly.

It’s worth noting that polypropylene is highly susceptible to UV degradation, which means that if you were to expose stacking chairs made from this material to direct sunlight for extended periods, the structure of the chair will weaken, accelerating the likelihood of the chairs breaking.

Metal garden stacking chairs

Metal garden stacking chairs are typically crafted from either aluminium or stainless steel, making them more durable than their plastic counterparts. To prevent rust from occurring, the material is also often treated, but this may not always be the case.

If metal garden stacking chairs are correctly designed, they will benefit from being lightweight and relatively easy to stack. However, metal stacking chairs have one notable disadvantage when compared with other options - and it’s that it doesn’t matter whether the chairs are coated or not, they will succumb to rusting over time if they are exposed to moisture, impacting their quality significantly.

Furthermore, metal garden stacking chairs tend to heat up. What we mean by this is that if they are positioned in direct sunlight or nearby to a heat source (e.g. fire feature), they become unsuitable for use due to absorbing that temperature.

It is also worth noting that metal stacking chairs are not usually recognised for their aesthetic value, and instead tend to prioritise functionality and the ability to be stacked. So, if you’re looking to add visually pleasing touches to your outdoor space, avoid this option!

Wood garden stacking chairs

Timber garden stacking chairs typically come in two variations, which is either solid teak or pine.

Pine is a softwood, making it (usually) the more affordable option. However, it’s worth mentioning that pine chairs do not offer the same natural beauty as teak chairs, and because it is a softwood, the chairs may be more prone to damage when compared to their teak counterparts.

Solid teak is a hardwood, which means it tends to be more costly (initially) due to being of a higher quality. However, garden stacking chairs made from solid teak offer exceptional durability and a beautiful, natural texture that simply cannot be replicated by any other material.

What’s more, solid teak stacking chairs are particularly weather-resistant and have the ability to withstand decay and insect damage, making them a great long-term investment. So, even though teak is a more expensive option to begin with, stackable chairs made from this superb timber will last much longer than other materials.

It's important to note that teak chairs are generally heavier than metal or plastic ones, but they are still designed to be easily stackable. So, if you're looking for a sturdy, comfortable, and beautiful option, teak garden stacking chairs are definitely worth taking into consideration.

How much do garden stacking chairs cost?

We briefly indicated the price point of each material type earlier in this article, however, the cost of garden stacking chairs will vary significantly depending on the material, the design and the manufacturer. Because of this, it’s hard to give an accurate generalised cost.

We can’t speak for other retailers, however, here at Cotswold Teak, our solid teak stacking chairs start from as little as £213.27. For this price, you’ll receive ultra-durable stacking chairs of excellent quality, which are also highly functional and specially crafted to boast an eye-catching, ergonomic design.

What to consider when measuring for size and comfort

Several factors go into determining how to measure for optimum size and comfort. We’ll explain in more detail below.

> Stacking chair height - the chair height should make the seating arrangement easy to use, with no difficulty (e.g. sit down and get up from the chair). Generally speaking, the minimum height for a stackable chair to be considered comfortable is approximately 50cm.

> Armrest height - armrests are no use if they’re poorly positioned. So, always ensure that they are designed to be functional! Ideally, armrest height should fall somewhere around 17cm to 23cm to comfortably support your forearms and elbows.

> Backrest height - the higher the backrest, the more support the chair will provide to your back. This is especially important if you plan on hosting gatherings where guests will be seated for extended periods. Ideally, look for a backrest height of around 20cm to 30cm above the seat for optimal comfort.

> Stacking chair width - you should always have access to enough space on either side when using the chair for it to be comfortable, and to also allow for movement. Typically speaking, 20cm to 25cm is the width required for an adult.

> Stacking chair depth - chair depth is particularly important for back support, as it ensures your pelvis is well supported when the chair is in use. Usually, a seat depth of approximately 50cm to 55cm is required for the chair to be classed as ergonomic.

> Stacking chair material - we touched on the different types of materials that are commonly used for stacking chairs earlier, but it is incredibly important from a comfort perspective! Always consider what you would find personally more accommodating. For example, if it’s particularly sunny where you are, metal stacking chairs wouldn’t be an ideal choice for outdoor use due to the fact they can heat up when exposed to warm temperatures.

How many chairs can you stack?

Assuming that they are made for stacking, how many chairs you can stack on top of each other will ultimately depend on how much weight they are designed to bear, along with the manufacturer and material type.

To shed more light on how much this can vary, stacking chairs designed for high-density stacking can be stacked up to 60+ chairs high, and these are commonly made from plastic. However, we don’t suspect you require this number of stacking chairs for personal garden use!

It’s always important to check the specific guidelines of the stacking chairs that caught your eye to ensure you’re fully aware of how much weight they are designed to take when stacked. For example, here at Cotswold Teak, you’ll be able to stack up to 6 chairs if they are unsupported, and even more if they have access to additional support.

Can you stack different types of chairs on top of garden stacking chairs?

Whilst you can, it isn’t advisable to do so. This is because some stacking chairs may not be designed to support additional weight or other chair types, which can damage their frames and overall structure.

Additionally, if you stack chairs of different chair types, the stack can become unstable and collapse. So, to ensure that you maintain the durability and quality of your stacking chairs, it's best to only stack the number recommended by the manufacturer and avoid stacking chairs that aren't designed to be stacked together.

Garden stacking chair maintenance and care tips

If you were to choose solid teak garden stacking chairs, the overall maintenance and care required to preserve their quality will be much less than the average stackable chair made from plastic.

Below, we’ve provided information on how to properly care for your solid teak stackable garden chairs:

Avoid using formulas that contain harsh chemicals. Instead, invest in a reliable and effective solid teak care and protection kit.

Whilst teak is incredibly durable, it may still become damaged if left completely exposed to the elements with no care. When possible, remove furniture away from being exposed to harsh weather conditions.

> Invest in seat cushions and covers for added comfort and protection.

Avoid leaving your teak stacking chairs in wet conditions.

Always follow the advice given on how to stack your specific chairs.

Don’t stack any more than the instructed number of chairs given by the manufacturer.

Never exceed the weight limit given by the manufacturer.

Outdoor stacking chair accessories

Similar to other outdoor furniture features, you’ll be able to accessorise garden stacking chairs with beautiful touches that align perfectly with your decor preferences.

A great addition to garden stacking chairs is cushioning. Not only will this provide a beautiful pop of colour to your seating arrangements, but it’ll also provide enhanced comfort. For example, we offer a range of beautiful seating cushions, available in a variety of sizes and colours.

Click here to browse premium outdoor cushions and garden accessories. 

Explore premium quality garden stacking chairs with Cotswold Teak

At Cotswold Teak, we’re proud to say that we offer beautiful garden stacking chairs, ideal for those looking to add a long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing feature to their garden furniture collection. Take our beautiful Henley Teak Stacking Armchair as a prime example!

Our Henley Teak Stacking Armchair is crafted from the finest solid teak to ensure exceptional quality and long-term durability. It’ll slot into any outdoor setting seamlessly, adding a subtle touch of luxury thanks to its immaculate presentation.

Benefiting from a lightweight construction, you’ll be able to store this beautiful stackable chair away with ease, whilst also saving space. See below for key information on this stunning garden stacking chair option.

Henley Teak Stacking Armchair key features:

> Premium quality.

> Luxurious appearance.

> Handcrafted from FLEGT Licensed solid teak.

> Ergonomically designed with a multi-slatted seat and backrest structure, accompanied by comfortable armrests.

> Space-saving.

> Stack up to 6 chairs (and more with additional support).

> Ultra-durable, weather resistant and long-lasting.

Henley Teak Stacking Armchair dimensions:

> Henley Teak Stacking Armchair height: 92cm.

> Henley Teak Stacking Armchair width: 60cm.

> Henley Teak Stacking Armchair depth: 52cm.

> Distance from the seat to the top of the arm: 20cm.

> Distance from the floor to the top of the arm: 63cm.

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