Solid teak coffee tables have been a popular feature for stylish outdoor spaces for many years, renowned for their timeless appearance, exceptional durability, versatility, and unique beauty. 

If you're considering adding a solid teak coffee table to your garden, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one with so many options available. So, we've put together this guide to help you navigate the different types of teak coffee tables and their unique features.

In this article, we'll explore what you need to consider when purchasing a solid teak coffee table, the various types available, their advantages, and the best ways to incorporate them into your unique outdoor space. 

Read on to discover more about the different types of teak coffee tables…

What is a solid teak coffee table? 

A solid teak coffee table can be defined as a type of table that is made entirely out of solid teak, which is exceptionally durable timber. So, this means that every part of the table construction, such as the legs, frame, and tabletop, is made of teak wood. 

Although solid teak wood will require some level of maintenance to preserve its quality, it is particularly resistant to damage caused by exposure to the elements, as well as insects and rot. Coffee tables made from this material are known for their durability and strength, as teak is one of the best quality hardwoods available, making it ideal for outdoor furniture features.  

One of the most prominent reasons why these types of coffee tables are so popular is the aesthetic appeal of solid teak. This particular type of timber boasts a beautiful, natural golden-brown colour and a unique grain pattern, making its appearance distinctive. 

Plus, over time, solid teak coffee tables develop a natural silver tone that further adds to their character and natural beauty. But, If you would prefer to keep the golden bronze appearance for as long as possible, this can be easily achieved with the help of a teak care and protection kit. 

Like most outdoor furniture options, solid teak coffee tables can come in various designs and styles, from traditional and timeless to modern or rustic. Some, such as Lutyens-style coffee tables, may feature intricate carving or detailing, while others offer a sleek and simple design, perfect for styling with existing furniture pieces. 

What to look for when purchasing a solid teak coffee table 

Investing in a solid teak coffee table for your outdoor space is always a good idea. However, there are several important factors worth considering before committing to a purchase to ensure you get a table that meets your needs and preferences. 


You might assume that if a coffee table states that it is made from teak, it is of great quality. However, it’s best to be aware that there are options that are made from what we know as ‘fake teak’. 

If your heart is set on a solid teak coffee table for your outdoor space, it’s essential to invest in an addition that is authentic, or you risk ending up with a table that will not offer the same benefits as genuine teak. This could include poor strength and durability, a tired appearance and premature wear and tear that wouldn’t be apparent with a quality teak feature. 

Our advice would be only to purchase a coffee table from a reputable retailer so that you can rest assured it’s made from high-grade, FLEGT Licenced Timber. We’ve recently written a blog on how to spot fake teak, which you can read by clicking here. 


Next, consider the style you would like to add to your garden space. Would you like a modern look and feel? Or are you going for more of a traditional setup? To ensure that you’re completely satisfied with your investment, we highly recommend considering what style is best for you. 

Remember, teak coffee tables are incredibly versatile and come in various styles, making it easier than ever to find the right addition to suit your personal requirements. So, there’s really no need to settle! Find the perfect feature to complement the space; don’t settle for anything less. 

Size and shape 

The size you’ll require will depend on several factors. So, before you commit to a purchase, consider the following:

  • How much free space is available within your garden, patio or terrace?
  • How many people will use the coffee table? 
  • What seating arrangements will go with your coffee table? 
  • How tall do you need the coffee table to be? 
  • Will you also frequently use the coffee table for dining alfresco?
  • Will the coffee table leave enough room for you to freely walk around your outdoor space? 
  • Does the shape match your existing furniture? 
  • Would you benefit from access to additional storage? For example, some teak coffee tables can come with hidden drawers underneath. 

The ideal size and shape for your unique outdoor space will ultimately be determined by taking the considerations highlighted above into account. Invest in a solid teak coffee table that’s functional and comfortable for your lifestyle but also adds to the space in a charming and decorative way. 


Solid teak coffee tables can be stained to feature various natural shades of brown; however, to add an authentic look and feel to your garden - look for options that showcase a beautiful honey-bronzed colour. The golden complexion will add a luxurious touch to any outdoor setting, and this shade can be incorporated into virtually any decor preference. 

As we mentioned earlier, authentic solid teak will transform into an eye-catching silver tone after some time due to frequent exposure to the elements. And although this shade is equally as beautiful, it’s also possible to maintain the golden bronze colour for many years with proper upkeep and maintenance. 


Although solid teak is a premium material, the level of craftsmanship found with a teak coffee table is incredibly important, as it’ll significantly contribute to how robust and durable the table is made to be. For example, one way to determine whether the teak coffee table showcases a superior level of craftsmanship is to take a closer look at the joints. If they are dowelled, rest assured that it’ll provide additional strength to the structure, leaving you with a strong and reliable outdoor furniture feature. 

Another telltale sign that a teak coffee table is of superior quality is if it’s handmade. Handmade furniture items are likely to be made with a higher level of care, precision and attention to detail compared to mass-produced options. 


The initial cost of a solid teak coffee table can be higher than other readily available options; however, it is often seen as an investment. This is because, due to the nature of the material, a teak coffee table (with care and maintenance) can last for decades whilst still providing the same functionality and appearance as the day you bought it. 

The longevity and durability qualities found with premium quality solid teak are unmatched. So, when shopping around for a quality investment, you can expect a larger, outdoor teak coffee table to cost anywhere from £340.00, with smaller options priced at around £80.00 to £190.00, depending on the style. 

The most popular solid teak coffee table types 

Teak coffee tables are excellent for those who love having plenty of options to choose from! 

See below for more information on the most popular types of teak coffee tables. 

Rectangular solid teak coffee tables

Ideal for those who love a traditional touch, rectangular teak coffee tables are considered to be the most popular type when it comes to stylishly furnishing outdoor spaces. 

A teak coffee table that features a rectangular shape isn’t limited to a certain size, making it an incredibly versatile piece of furniture, as you’ll have the freedom to match the table with all types of seating arrangements, such as sofas or individual matching teak chairs, slotting into all types of settings. So, whether you’re looking to furnish a patio, balcony, terrace or large garden, this type of coffee table is bound to be a superb addition. 

Another great aspect of this versatile shape is that it can be styled in any way you like. For example, if your outdoor space is limited, you can style a rectangular teak coffee table against the wall, and it’ll look like it was made to be there. On the other hand, you’ll also be able to position a rectangular table to take centre stage in an outdoor setting, with your seating arrangement placed around it. 

This type of teak coffee table also tends to provide more table surface when compared to square or round options, making it a great choice for those who enjoy having loved ones over for a coffee and a catch-up or casual dining. 

Burford Teak Coffee Table

Burford Teak Coffee Table - shop now. 

Round solid teak coffee tables 

Next, we have round solid teak coffee tables - ideal for those who want to add a homely charm to their outdoor space. 

Similar to rectangular options, teak coffee tables that are made to feature a round shape can also come in various sizes, with varying height options also readily available. These types are known to be used for hosting smaller parties, creating a cosy and welcoming environment where everyone can face each other and engage in conversation. 

If you have children within your close circle, this type tends to be a safer and more secure option, as the nature of the shape means that the table will feature no sharp edges. 

Plus, this aesthetically pleasing shape brings a unique charm to any outdoor space, and they are also often made more portable than other types. For example, our Winson Teak Round Folding Picnic Table is a foldable feature, making it easy to move around the garden if you wish to do so. 

Winson Teak Round Folding Picnic Table

Winson Teak Round Folding Picnic Table - shop now.

Square solid teak coffee tables 

A square solid teak coffee table is a superb option if you love the look of a rectangular table - but your space is a little more limited. 

From a style perspective, a square shape combines elements from both modern and traditional aesthetics. The shape also helps to create a symmetrical balance, which will help you to create a garden setting that appears polished and thoughtfully designed. 

The square coffee table type benefits from the same space-saving qualities found with their larger, rectangular counterparts, with the ability to style it against a wall without compromising the outdoor space's overall appearance. Plus, you’ll have no problem creating a defined seating arrangement around a square teak coffee table; simply add matching teak chairs on either side. 

Similar to round types, a square teak coffee table also allows for a more cosy and intimate setting that encourages conversation, so if you have a few loved ones over at a time regularly, this coffee table type will come to great use. 

Another similarity between round and square coffee tables is their tabletops may be slatted or smooth, and they also tend to be made to be more portable. So, if you have a particularly sunny spot in your garden, you’ll have no problem moving a square type around to sit where it suits you most, depending on the time of day. 

Solid Teak Burford Coffee Table

Solid Teak Burford Coffee Table - shop now.

Oval solid teak coffee tables 

For something a little more modern, unique and eye-catching, adding an oval teak coffee table to your outdoor space would be perfect. 

If you feel your outdoor space could look and feel a little more interesting, you could add an oval teak coffee table and create a more elegant yet striking atmosphere while reaping the benefits of having access to a functional coffee table. 

The curves, accompanied by a smooth-lined finish, add a touch of elegance, and with this versatile shape, you won’t be limited to just entertaining a couple of loved ones, as you’ll also have ample table space to accommodate a much larger party of guests, even if it’s simply for coffee or a quick lunch. 

You’ll be able to find plenty of size options for this type of teak coffee table, and you’ll be able to style it with chairs, an elegant outdoor sofa or a combination of both. Plus, the contemporary shape means it would make for a great focal point, and it also benefits from being a safer option for little ones due to not having any sharp corners or edges. 

Crummock Teak Coffee Table with Teak Crummock Garden Benches

Crummock Teak Coffee Table with Teak Crummock Garden Benches - shop now.

Timeless solid teak coffee tables

Some coffee table types will just never go out of style, and a prime example of this would be a Lutyens-inspired teak coffee table. 

If you have an eye for sophisticated style and appreciate the finer things in life, a timeless addition would be a welcomed addition to your garden. With its elegant and full-of-charm design, a Lutyens-style coffee table can elevate any setting to a more luxurious atmosphere.

The use of solid teak will elevate the overall style of this type of coffee table, as the famous Edward Lutyens bench style was originally handcrafted and carved from solid teak. 

Whether you're looking for a statement piece or a functional addition to your outdoor space, a Lutyens-style teak coffee table is sure to impress. So, if you have guests over frequently, this type of coffee table is certain to be a topic of conversation, oozing a unique and distinctive appearance that won’t see you having to compromise on functionality. 

A Lutyens-inspired teak coffee table will feature a slatted design and beautifully curved features creating a true standout piece, while the use of solid teak will ensure premium quality, meaning it’ll last for years to come. Pair it with an authentic Lutyens bench and create the perfect focal point!

Rydal Lutyens Teak Coffee Table

Rydal Lutyens Teak Coffee Table - shop now.

How to care for and maintain your solid teak coffee table

If you’re ready to add a coffee table made from solid teak to your outdoor space, rest assured that the required maintenance level is minimal compared to other common material types. But, of course, to keep your feature looking brand new, a bit of care every so often won’t go amiss. See below for some simple tips on caring for a teak coffee table. 

  • Every so often, wipe down your teak coffee table using a clean, soft, damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt that may have gathered on the furniture. 
  • Invest in a great solid teak care and protection kit to ensure you have access to everything you need to keep your table in immaculate condition.
  • In the height of summer, it’s lovely to be able to use your garden to soak up the lovely warm sunlight. However, when not in use, we recommend moving your teak coffee table out of direct sunlight for extended periods or using a parasol to shield the piece from harsh UV rays. This will help to preserve the colour of the table for much longer. 
  • Place the coffee table in a sheltered area during bad weather spells. Alternatively, invest in quality covers. 
  • Never use formulas that contain harsh chemicals to clean your teak coffee table, as this can stain and alter the appearance of the teak. 

We offer an easy-to-follow guide which outlines how to easily care for outdoor furniture made from solid teak. To read our detailed information pack, click here. 

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