British autumn time is now in full swing, and the colder months are officially upon us. The air is fresher, the temperature is cooler and the days are shorter. But this doesn’t mean you can’t spend time outdoors, enjoying what your garden has to offer.

At Cotswold Teak, we offer a wide range of garden accessories that’ll make spending time outdoors in the winter immeasurably more pleasant.

Whether it’s cosying up with a good book or even dining alfresco with loved ones - we’re here to help you enjoy your garden this season. Read on to discover the best garden accessories you need to enjoy your garden in the colder months…

Invest in outdoor heating

There’s nothing better than cosying up in front of your outdoor heating of choice, enjoying the fresh air; without having to worry about feeling discomforted by the cool breeze.

Comfort and practicality aside, there’s also something about having an outdoor heating addition that adds a luxurious touch to an outdoor space.

What we’re trying to say is, when you invest in high-quality outdoor heating, you’ll gain a stylish and elegant addition that’ll also make your garden fully equipped to accommodate your needs all year round.

Similar to our extensive premium teak furniture ranges, we have plenty of choice for you to choose from when it comes to outdoor heating. Check out our selection below.

Gas patio heaters

Get winter-ready with one of our superb patio heaters.

Mini Patio Heater

Incredibly efficient and visually stunning, this addition will undoubtedly become the focal point of any garden. You truly can’t go wrong with one of our Mini Patio Heaters, and with a selection of colour variations to choose from - what’s not to like?

Mini Patio Heater - shop now.

Our superb Mini Patio Heaters are available in either a sleek white, a rustic steel finish or a stylish black. They are the perfect feature for creating a cosy ambience, generating a generous amount of heat, along with providing a perfectly adequate level of lighting.

Mini Patio Heater - shop now.

Our Mini Patio Heaters are also fuelled with propane gas, making them a cost-effective and efficient addition for winter. We also offer decorative stones that can be added to the patio heater for a stunning finishing touch!

Umbrella Gas Patio Heater

Larger in stature than our Mini Patio Heaters, the Umbrella Gas Patio Heater is ultra-modern in appearance and incredibly powerful, radiating heat and providing light throughout the darker winter evenings. There’s no doubt that you’ll stay nice and warm with this feature close by!

What’s more, the Umbrella Gas Patio Heater is available in a gorgeous white or sleek black, and you can also add decorative stones if you wish to! It’s worth mentioning that this heater option is also fueled by propane gas, making it cost-effective and perfectly equipped to provide heat - even on the coldest of nights!

Umbrella Gas Patio Heater - shop now.

Garden fire pits

If patio heaters don’t tick all of the boxes for you, why not try a garden fire pit?

Erizo Garden Fire Pit

To start, we have the superb Erizo 50 Garden Fire Pit. Perfect for people who love a contemporary touch.

The Erizo 50 Garden Fire Pit is a high-quality addition to any outdoor space, offering fantastic warmth and comfort to those around it. This fire pit is specially designed to be a free-standing addition, featuring ‘fins’ that work to radiate heat out into the open air, creating a lovely warmth that’ll maintain your levels of comfort throughout the evening.

Erizo 50 Garden Fire Pit - shop now.

Gama Garden Fire Pit

Next up, we have our lovely Gama Garden Fire Pit - the perfect example of beauty meets functionality.

The Gama Garden Fire Pit is a premium addition, perfect for those who prefer to decorate their garden with modern-looking additions.

This fire pit is completely free-standing and is easily moved to your desired location. So, if you have multiple spots in your garden where you like to spend time, you’ll have no trouble moving the Gama Garden Fire Pit around with you.

Gamma Garden Fire Pit - shop now.

Hex Garden Fire Pit

Next, we have the Hex Garden Fire Pit, perfect for those who love their outdoor pieces to look like works of art.

Aside from the aesthetic value, the Hex Garden Fire Pit is also extremely practical, equipped with the means to radiate heat for extended periods. There’s no doubt that this feature will keep you warm and cosy all night long!

Hex Garden Fire Pit - shop now.

Pit Garden Fire Pit

Next, we have the Pit Garden Fire Pit - the perfect choice when portability is a top priority.

The Pit Garden Fire Pit is super stylish and can be transported anywhere with ease, thanks to the three specially designed carry handles towards the top of the fire pit. Additionally, the Pit Garden Fire Pit is ultra-lightweight and can easily be stored away when you no longer require it.

Pit Garden Fire Pit - shop now.

Pyramid Garden Fire Pit

Next, we have the Pyramid Garden Fire Pit, perfect for those who love the presence of interesting designs in their outdoor space.

This fire pit comprises an interesting pyramidal design, offering all of the sought after qualities you could want from a fire pit - including superb warmth for extended periods, along with being incredibly easy to transport to a desired spot.

Pyramid Garden Fire Pit - shop now.

Sunny Fire Pit

Last, but certainly not least, we have the beautiful Sunny Fire Pit.

Similar to our other fire pits, this steel addition is also free-standing and highly durable, offering superb performance capabilities.

Its lightweight design allows for no-hassle manoeuvring around the garden, along with bringing a stunning look to any outdoor space.

Sunny Fire Pit - shop now.

A high-quality parasol

Of course, during the summer months, having access to a parasol is essential. But it’ll also make for a useful garden accessory throughout the colder months.

It’s no secret that British winter time is subject to plenty of downpours and cold weather, so if you’d like to still enjoy your garden this season, investing in a parasol will mean that you’ll have access to outdoor shelter and protection from the elements.

Additionally, a common misconception is that UV rays are not harmful during the winter months. This is not true, and protection from UV rays is still as important as ever during this season!

Here at Cotswold Teak, we offer an extensive range of premium quality parasols in a variety of size options, including Aluminum Parasols, Solid Wood Parasols, and of course, Premium Solid Teak Parasols. To give you a feel, we’ll show a selection from each collection to help you decide which addition would work best for you.

Pro tip: a base for your parasol is just as important as the parasol itself! Ensure that you invest in a high-quality weighted base to make the most out of your addition.

Premium solid teak parasols

To start, we have our Premium Solid Teak parasols, the perfect focal point for any outdoor space. Our stunning parasols are made using a high-quality polyester fabric, which has a weatherproof coating and UPF sun protection level 50.

Premium Solid Teak Parasols - shop now.

Additionally, all of our Premium Solid Teak Parasols can be used as a free-standing feature (with a weighted base). The parasol comprises a 48mm pole with a total of 8 ribs. Available in either 2.5m or 3m, with a range of colour options to ensure a beautiful fit with the rest of your garden decor.

Solid Teak Premium Parasol - shop now.

Aluminium parasols

If you’d be more interested in a parasol that offers additional features, our superb Aluminium Parasols are a perfect choice. And although these parasols are made of aluminium, they still have a stunning wooden appearance, similar to our other collections.

Key features of our Aluminium Parasols include:

  • A built-in crank and tilt mechanism.
  • Easily adjustable canopy.
  • Weather-proof coating & UPF sun protection of level 50.
  • Stylish in appearance.
  • Available in different sizes.
  • Available in different colours.
  • Can easily be transported to a different location.

Solid Hardwood Parasols

Our Solid Hardwood Parasols are ultra-durable and visually stunning, offering all of the practical qualities you’d want from a premium parasol.

The canopy can be repositioned to an angle of your choice, and similar to other collections, our Solid Hardwood Parasol collection also has a weatherproof coating, along with UPF sun protection level 50.

Pro tip: to keep your parasol looking pristine, check out our Teak Care Kit collection!

Solid Hardwood Parasols - shop now.

Add a bench and/or chair cushions to your outdoor furniture

There’s nothing worse than being sat on a cold and hard chair. A simple yet effective fix to this problem is to add cushioning to your outdoor seating arrangements - this really can go a long way! Not only in terms of comfort, but for decorative purposes.

Crummock Chair Cushions - shop now.

Our fantastic cushion selection is specially designed to provide a perfect fit with our furniture, and all of our cushion selection is available in either a beautiful green shade, a deep blue, or a natural tone.

Lounger and Steamer Cushions - shop now.

Here are some key features of our cushion range:

  • Available in a variety of colours.
  • Available in different sizes.
  • Will complement and add visual value to any outdoor furniture seating arrangement.
  • Ultra-comfortable.
  • Ultra-padded.
  • A variety of options to accommodate different outdoor seating arrangements.
  • Fully removable and machine washable.
  • Made from a mixture of high-quality polyester and cotton.
  • Quick-drying.
  • Flame retardant and REACH compliant.
  • Anti-bacterial and stain-resistant.
  • Waterproof and breathable material.
  • UV resistant.
  • Compatible with bleach cleaning.

Crummock Bench Cushions - shop now.

If you’re looking for the perfect outdoor accessories for your garden, you can find them here at Cotswold Teak

We hope you’ve found our article on the best garden accessories for your garden this winter useful.

At Cotswold Teak, we not only offer a beautiful range of premium garden accessories. If you have any questions or want to know more about any of our collections, feel free to contact our friendly team who will be happy to help with any queries you may have. Call us on 01608 682 191 or email [email protected].

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