Are you looking for new seating arrangements for your garden? With so much choice readily available, it can be hard to know which option is best suited not only to your preference but also to your garden and lifestyle.

Whether you’re searching for the perfect chairs for entertaining guests comfortably or the perfect addition for relaxing in the fresh air - Cotswold Teak is here to help you find the perfect match for you.

In this guide, we take a look at sun loungers, sun steamers, and deckchairs so that you can find the best fit for you and make the most out of your garden.

Sun loungers and sun steamers

It’s difficult to go wrong with lounge-style outdoor seating, as these pieces will add value to any garden or patio area. If you enjoy relaxing and soaking up the sunshine in your garden - this may be the perfect match for you. Add in a reclining option? Even better.

Sun loungers (as the name suggests) and sun steamers are the ideal addition for lounging and relaxing in the garden and/or patio area. They are sometimes referred to as day beds - because comfort is the ultimate priority when it comes to the overall design of these types of furniture pieces.

This outdoor furniture piece not only adds a visually appealing aspect to any outdoor area, but it will also allow for a versatile sitting area, offering an ergonomic design. Whether you feel like lying down for a light snooze or sitting up to read a book, a sun lounger or steamer is a perfect option.

Sun loungers and sun steamers can also come with a variety of useful features. These can include (but are not limited to) the addition of wheels for easy manoeuvring, different designs to match your aesthetic, drink trays, tilt back features, and more.

At Cotswold Teak, we offer a wide range of premium solid teak sun loungers, with a variety of useful features. Be sure to check out our entire selection here.

Winchcombe Solid Teak Sun Lounger on Wheels with Drinks Tray

Fixed and folding sun loungers and sun steamers

Sun loungers can come either fixed or folding, with both options readily available depending on what you prefer. If you want to keep sun loungers out in the garden all year round, a fixed option may be best suited to you.

In addition, a fixed sun lounger will likely surpass their folding counterparts ever so slightly on comfortability, as they are designed specifically for optimum comfort. In relation to comfort, both versions will include multiple adjustable settings when it comes to the back and headrest area.

A fixed sun lounger, however, will be more difficult to manoeuvre. If you prefer to use a sun lounger seasonally, storing this piece of garden furniture away is much easier when you opt for a folding addition.

What’s more, a folding sun lounger is much easier to store away. If you would like to free up some space when not in use or during the colder months, a folding sun lounger can be folded into a compact shape with ease, which then can then be transported to your storage area without hassle.

Solid Teak Chios Steam Lounger

Reclining options

Nowadays, recliners should be considered to be more of a feature, as opposed to a type of chair. This is because most chair types will be available in a reclining version.

Reclining additions have comfort and support at the forefront of the design process. So if these factors are your main priority, it’s definitely worth investing in an outdoor chair that offers this. Not only that but opting for a recliner doesn’t mean that you’ll have to compromise on the style you want - as this tends to be an added feature, which doesn’t affect the overall aesthetic of the piece.

Recliners offer a great amount of back and lumbar support, ideal for people who experience pain in this area which can sometimes be brought on by sitting in a fixed position for an extended amount of time. Recliners are also great for relieving joint pressure.

Toddington Fold Solid Teak Steamer Sun Lounger

Deck chairs

Deck chairs are another superb addition to any garden or patio area, perfect for spending time with loved ones or relaxing with your favourite book. High-quality deck chairs offer a fantastic level of comfort, with many other useful features depending on the model you purchase.

Deck chairs are also a stylish and elegant outside seating arrangement, so if your priority is finding the perfect additions that will complement and enhance a beautiful garden - deck chairs could be perfectly suited to you.

Although deck chairs are a stylish and handy addition to your space, they don’t offer as much additional support when compared to lounger-style chairs. 

Deck chairs will undoubtedly deliver in offering support for comfortable upright sitting, with the absence of leg support. If you’re set on incorporating deck chairs into your outdoor design, this factor can be easily resolved by having a portable footrest handy for when you fancy some additional support.

Traditional Solid Teak Sindos Beach Deck Chair


Adding deck chairs to your outside area is a great way to make use of the entire space without having to purchase more than you need, especially if you prefer to move around. For example, if there’s a particular area in the garden that gets plenty of sunshine, simply pick up and pop your deck chair down and enjoy. And when you’ve had enough sun - simply move it back into the shade!

Deck chair features

The more classic appearance of deck chairs usually includes the use of a soft textile canvas, which is perfect for sinking into and relaxing. If you prefer a more structured chair, deck chairs are also available as solid pieces - with the option to add cushioning if desired. Deck chairs are also available with a reclining feature - perfect for laying back and relaxing in style.

Folding Solid Teak Turin Deck Chair - Shop now.

Portable and easy to store away

Most deck chairs are folding additions, which comes in handy for a multitude of reasons - especially if you’re searching for comfortable outside seating that you can use occasionally or when entertaining guests, as they can easily be stored away when not in use.

Deck chairs are a more portable addition in comparison to other outdoor seating options, and when folded, they certainly won’t take up much space at all - which is great if your storage room is limited!

Whatever your seating preference may be, you can find it here at Cotswold Teak

We hope you’ve found our article on sun loungers, steamers, and deck chairs useful.

At Cotswold Teak, we offer an extensive range of stunning garden furniture, including a wide range of solid teak sun loungers, sun steamers, and deck chairs - with reclining options available. So remember, if you’re going to choose teak, choose Cotswold Teak.

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