When deciding on which garden furniture is best for your pub, this will be highly dependent on what kind of establishment you have, along with the space available, and your design preference.

Having reliable, sturdy, yet aesthetically pleasing garden furniture is essential for any pub. A comfortable and well-decorated outdoor area (especially in the summer months) is what’ll keep your customers coming back for more.

Of course, you will want your establishment to reflect a nice and warm welcoming environment - so which garden furniture is the best fit for a pub environment? Read on to find out...

Factors to consider

Before we jump into the best garden furniture for your pub, there are a few considerations that you need to keep in mind. These include:

  • What are the weather conditions like in your area? For example, if it rains often - will weather-resistant outdoor furniture be a top priority feature for you and your pub?
  • Every customer base is different. Consider what you believe your customers will prefer concerning comfort. For example, some people may find high stools uncomfortable to sit on for long periods of time.
  • Are you looking for outdoor furniture that will stand the test of time, or are you better off with a quick fix? This will influence what materials you opt for. For example, solid teak will last for decades, with very little maintenance in comparison to other types of wood.
  • How much outdoor space do you have? The last thing you want is for your outdoor space to look cluttered and uncomfortable. Ensure that you have adequate spacing left for people to roam freely.
  • What’s your maximum capacity? You’ll need to understand the layout of your outside area so that you can avoid either investing in too much garden furniture, or too little.
  • Do you require low-maintenance garden furniture? For example, if your schedule is often quite hectic, it may be more suitable to invest in higher quality additions that require less maintenance than others.Now that we’ve gone over several considerations, it should now be easier to create a clearer picture of exactly what it is you want and need from your pub garden furniture.

Why solid teak furniture is the best type for pub gardens

When you’re thinking about garden furniture for your pub garden, you should invest in furniture that’ll maintain its appearance and withstand frequent use.

Solid teak is the best option when it comes to pub garden furniture. Not only does this teak add a premium touch to your establishment, but it’ll also offer you a variety of useful practicalities.

High-quality solid teak can offer you a strong, durable, versatile, and stylish addition to any outdoor space, including pub gardens. The quality is like no other and requires little maintenance, which means that you can rest assured knowing that when you purchase solid teak garden furniture, it’ll last for decades to come.

Solid teak is also naturally weather-resistant because it’s both dense and has a high oil content. This means that your solid teak garden furniture will withstand the elements - reducing the chances of you needing to replace any additions prematurely.

We imagine that your garden furniture for your pub will also become accustomed to the odd spillage here or there, which is why you need to invest in high-quality additions that can withstand spillages.

Solid teak garden furniture is very easy to clean, and it’s also stain-resistant by nature. In addition, solid teak is also naturally much more resistant to other damages, such as common wear and tear, natural acids, termites, and rotting.

If you’re thinking about investing in solid teak garden furniture for your pub, you’ll always be able to find the best premium additions here at Cotswold Teak.

The best garden furniture for your pub

Here are the different types of garden furniture that we believe are the best for your pub. These options will no doubt help in creating a beautifully furnished outdoor space, as well as allowing you to comfortably accommodate all customers.

Table and chair sets

Table and chair sets are also a great option for pub gardens. This is because you won’t have to worry about any mismatching furniture spoiling the overall look of your establishment - and they’re also great for accommodating larger parties.

Extending Rectangular Solid Teak 12 Seater Table with Grisdale Chairs Garden Set - Shop now.

If you’re looking for a hassle-free alternative to designing your pub garden, we would highly recommend investing in high-quality solid teak outdoor furniture sets.

Every outdoor space is unique, and this option offers a versatile solution - as they can come in various designs, shapes, along with various seating sizes.

Round Solid Teak 6 Seater Table with Crummock Bench and Chair Garden Set - Shop now.

Whether you need a smaller set to compliment a compact outdoor space, such as a courtyard area, or a larger set that can extend and fill out a vast area - you’ll have no trouble finding the right fit for you.

Round Solid Teak 4 Seater Table with Grisdale Chairs Garden Set - Shop now.

Picnic benches

Picnic benches are a superb option when it comes to decorating your pub garden efficiently. They’re pleasing to the eye and great for making the most out of both larger and compact spaces.

Picnic benches are also commonly featured in public outdoor spaces, due to their accessibility, sturdiness, durability, and comfort.

Picnic benches are a great way to maximise a smaller outdoor space, whilst still maintaining room for patrons to move around comfortably. This can also be a great way to maximise space without the need for more garden furniture, as the seating and tabletop come built together.

Picnic benches are great for social spaces, such as pub gardens. Customers will be able to enjoy their surroundings whilst being seated together. 

They are the perfect addition for inclusive activities such as pub quizzes, where people are required to interact and discuss things together. In addition, they’re also perfectly comfortable for outdoor beverages and dining.

Bistro sets

When you’re seating customers, it’s a shame to offer up your last available large space to a party of two - so having more intimate table options will allow you to seat couples more appropriately.

Folding Two Seater Oropos Solid Teak Bistro Set - Shop now.

Bistro sets offer a pub garden multifunctional use, whilst also allowing you to save space in style. Whether customers want a comfortable spot to enjoy a meal or even a catch-up over a quick drink, bistro-style sets are the perfect seating arrangements for these moments.

In addition, you can buy foldable bistro sets. So if you’re looking for additional garden furniture that can be stored away easily, and can be brought out on busy trading days - bistro-style sets are a perfect choice.

Folding Two Seater Oropos Solid Teak Bistro Set - Shop now.


High-quality parasols are absolutely essential for pub garden areas. They offer great functionality and practical features when it comes to different weather conditions, and you’ll be sure to find a colour to match your unique design preference.

When you invest in high-quality parasol additions, you’ll be able to use your pub garden to seat clientele comfortably much more often. You’ll be providing sheltered seating even on the rainiest of days, as a premium parasol will come equipped with waterproof coating.

And on a warm summer’s day, providing that much-needed shelter from the sun is often overlooked, however, it is essential.

Sitting outside in the sunshine can be a great way to pass the time, however, customers will likely appreciate the option of a shaded retreat for when it becomes unpleasantly warm. Premium parasols are equipped with UPF sun protection, along with protection from harmful UV rays.

Solid Teak Premium Parasols - Shop now.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide on which garden furniture is best for your pub.

Explore solid teak garden furniture at Cotswold Teak today.

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