It’s officially BBQ season! It’s finally time to enjoy long summer days and nights spent in the fresh air, dining alfresco and sharing laughs with loved ones - over hearty grilled favourites.

We’ll be sharing our top tips and advice on how to make summer get-togethers better than ever this year - and it doesn’t take much!

Read on to discover five tips for an unforgettable summer BBQ soiree…

Summer BBQ top tips

With more people choosing to dine at home instead of heading out to a restaurant, there’s never been a better time to throw incredible summer BBQs surrounded by friends and family.

See below for our top tips!

Invest in a reliable BBQ

If your current BBQ is on its way out or you haven’t yet invested in one, consider purchasing a top-quality BBQ for your garden.

There are plenty of wonderful BBQ models available, making it easier than ever to find a feature that suits your lifestyle. For example, we offer a variety of premium quality BBQs here at Cotswold Teak.

If you’re interested in learning more about our selection, you’ll be able to discover more about our BBQs later on in this article. Alternatively, click here to be taken to our premium BBQ range.

Prepare your garden for guests

If you enjoy having guests over to your home regularly, we recommend investing in a garden furniture set that offers extendable features. After all, there’s nothing worse than being uncomfortably close to one another due to a lack of space!

What’s more, stacking chairs are also known to come in handy for those who enjoy hosting. These superb additions can be easily stored away and brought out at a moment's notice, designed to stack on top of one another to save space.

Make sure your guests are comfortable

When you’re busy ensuring you are prepared and ready to cook the best-grilled food your loved ones have ever tasted, it’s easy to forget the little things that make the occasion comfortable and relaxing.

For example, it’s no secret that the UK summertime has more than a few chilly nights here and there. So, if it’s likely that your BBQ get-together will go into the evening, we recommend having blankets at the ready for a little added touch of warmth to keep the conversation going.

Or, better yet, invest in premium outdoor heating if you plan to use your outdoor area regularly throughout the BBQ season.

Mini Patio Heater - shop now.

An outdoor heating feature won’t just add a subtle hint of elegance to your garden. It’ll also provide you with luxurious levels of warmth that radiate throughout your garden, perfect for when the temperature drops.

Mini Patio Heater - shop now.

Have a BBQ on the beach

If your outdoor space isn’t large enough to host, or you simply fancy a summery change of scenery - there’s no reason why you can’t host on the beach!

Remember, BBQs are all about spending quality time with loved ones over great food - so it doesn’t matter where you are! And when you have access to a portable BBQ, you can quite literally take the party anywhere.

The beach is a superb spot for playing fun games the kids will love (e.g. rounders!), and you could make the occasion a team effort.

For example, you could be in charge of the portable grilling station and invite your guests to bring along any preferred beverages, snacks and comfortable seating to make the whole experience memorable.

Try cooking BBQ desserts

The great thing about BBQ desserts is that there’s something for everyone. There are so many hassle-free recipes, so we recommend asking your guests ahead of the occasion to get an idea of what they would prefer.

For inspiration, see below for our list of favourite BBQ summer desserts:

- Barbecued banana split.

- Hassle-free BBQ s'mores.

- Smoked strawberry skewers.

- Roasted pineapple.

- Chocolate pizza.

- Summer fruit skewers.

Get BBQ ready with Cotswold Teak

At Cotswold Teak, we offer a superb selection of worthwhile BBQs and outdoor furniture that will make your summer the best one yet. See below for a taste of what our range has to offer!

Cotswold Teak masonry BBQs

If you’ve always wanted an outdoor BBQ that oozes luxury and sophistication without compromising on quality, then you’ll love our masonry BBQ range.

At Cotswold Teak, our masonry BBQ options are immaculately presented and available in many style variations. For example, some of our BBQs offer additional features, such as a built-in side table for hassle-free food preparation.

So, if you’re interested in taking your BBQ game to the next level - see below for more information on ourmasonry BBQ collection.

Sorrento Masonry BBQs

To start, we have our Sorrento Masonry BBQ collection- an ideal choice for modern and stylish gardens!

The Sorento Masonry BBQ benefits from a contemporary appearance and design, thanks to the stylish white and grey premium limestone.

Style aside, our Sorrento Masonry BBQ collection will make for a practical addition to any garden space, compatible with wood and charcoal. The grill also offers four height options to ensure that the barbecuer can grill anything they desire!

Sorrento Masonry Barbecue - shop now.

Our Sorrento Masonry BBQs are available with or without the built-in side table, depending on your preference.

Sorrento Masonry BBQ with Side Table - Shop now.

Verona Masonry BBQs

Next, we have our stunning Verona Masonry BBQ collection! A superb option for those looking for an outdoor BBQ that’ll seamlessly slot into its surroundings.

Our Verona Masonry BBQs are visually beautiful, with each model specially designed to display a mixture of light grey and cream tones, made from ultra-durable limestone.

This premium quality addition will make whipping up grilled favourites easy and a true pleasure to anyone who enjoys being in charge of the BBQ - thanks to the steel grill that boasts four different height settings.

Verona Masonry BBQ with Side Table - shop now.

Similar to our Sorrento collection, our Verona Masonry BBQs are available with or without a built-in side table and are compatible with wood or charcoal.

Verona Masonry BBQ - Shop now.

Outdoor kitchens and bars

Figalia Outdoor Teak Kitchen

If you feel as though you would benefit from outdoor countertop space to save you from having to run back and forth during your summer BBQ, you’ll love our beautiful Figalia Outdoor Teak Kitchen.

Our Figalia Outdoor Teak Kitchenfeatures a beautifully crafted terrazzo worktop and a fully functional stainless steel sink area, perfect for preparing food and beverages in style.

Our Figalia Outdoor Teak Kitchen also offers spacious discreet storage hidden behind ribbed sliding doors.

Figalia Outdoor Teak Kitchen - shop now.

Hancocks Teak Garden Bar On Wheels

If you’re simply looking for an outdoor feature that’ll provide you with the space you need to keep the drinks flowing - look no further than our Hancocks Teak Garden Bar On Wheels.

This practical feature can be used anywhere you like, thanks to the freestanding structure further supported by premium quality wheels. Our Hancocks Teak Garden Bar On Wheels also boasts a spacious storage compartment with designated shelving areas.

Hancocks Teak Garden Bar On Wheels - shop now.

Extending garden furniture sets

Arrow 8 Seater Extending Rectangular Teak Table 120cm with Wenlock Carver Chairs

Our Arrow 8 Seater Extending Rectangular Teak Table with Wenlock Carver Chairs would make for a stylish yet practical addition to any outdoor space.

Arrow 8 Seater Extending Rectangular Teak Table with Wenlock Carver Chairs - shop now.

Our Arrow garden furniture set will comfortably seat eight people with ease and includes premium quality Wenlock Carver Chairs that boast an ergonomic design. A superb choice for those looking for a beautiful garden furniture set!

This garden furniture set is durable and suitable for all-year-round use, handmade from premium quality solid teak.

Arrow 8 Seater Extending Rectangular Teak Table with Wenlock Carver Chairs - shop now.

Avon 10 Seater Extending Oval Teak Table 240cm - with Henley Stacking Chairs

Lastly, if you’re looking for something a little larger - look no further than our Avon 10 Seater Extending Oval Teak Table with Henley Stacking chairs.

Designed to preserve its quality and handmade from premium quality solid teak, this garden furniture set is the ideal addition for those looking for a stylish focal point for their garden.

Avon 10 Seater Extending Oval Teak Table with Henley Stacking Chairs - shop now.

This stunning set will comfortably fit ten people and comes with top-quality Henley Stacking Chairs, specially designed to stack up on each other for space-saving storage.

Avon 10 Seater Extending Oval Teak Table with Henley Stacking Chairs - shop now.

Discover the best solid teak garden furniture range at Cotswold Teak

We hope you’ve found our article on how to host the most unforgettable summer BBQ soiree useful.

At Cotswold Teak, we’re proud to offer an extensive selection of premium outdoor furniture and accessories - so be sure to check out the rest of our website for more!

If you have any questions or want to know more about our collections, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our friendly team who will be happy to help with any queries you may have. Call us on 01608 544 825 or email [email protected].

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