It’s no secret that we experience some very cold and harsh weather conditions throughout the British wintertime.

If you’ve been wondering whether it’s safe to leave your solid teak furniture out for the entire duration of the winter season, don’t worry, you aren’t alone.

Whether it’s because you’d still like to be able to use your garden or you only have access to limited storage space - we’re here to explain why it’s not a problem to leave your teak garden furniture outside.

Read on to discover why you can leave teak garden furniture outside in the winter...

Is it safe to leave your teak furniture outside for the winter?

The short answer is yes, there is no problem with leaving your solid teak furniture out for the winter season. In fact, one of the main reasons why solid teak garden furniture is so sought after is because it’s perfect for all year round use, and it’ll easily last for decades to come if cared for properly.

We’ll go into more detail in this article, along with providing a few tips on how you can ensure that your solid teak furniture is cared for whilst experiencing the harsh winter elements.

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Why it’s safe to leave your solid teak furniture outside in the winter

Of course, we would recommend that you do not leave solid teak garden furniture in a particularly damp area that does not have much exposure to natural light - as this won’t do any type of furniture any good, no matter how high-quality it may be.

However, garden furniture that is made using this particular type of timber is a more trusted material when it comes to maintaining premium quality, simply because it’s naturally resistant to a variety of harmful elements that would cause the average garden furniture set to break and/or succumb to the elements.

Here are the main reasons why solid teak is a trusted garden furniture material that can be used for all year round use:

> High-quality teak wood is renowned for being incredibly strong and durable. In fact, it’s so reliable that it’s also used as a popular option for hardwood flooring.

> Solid teak has a naturally tight wood grain, which not only is a reliable indicator of overall integrity and strength.

> Solid teak has a naturally high oil content. This helps to protect furniture from harmful elements such as UV rays, humidity and heavy downpours.

> Solid teak is one of the strongest hardwoods used to make outdoor furniture.

> Solid teak is naturally water-resistant, fungi-resistant, and insect resistant.

> Solid teak maintains its beauty no matter how many years go by. It has a lovely natural honey golden colour that will last for many years, and if you choose to leave it untreated, furniture made from this timber will turn into a gorgeous silver-tone (if you would prefer to maintain the honey golden colour, you can easily do so with a great solid teak care kit).

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Maintenance and protection for your solid teak furniture

Although solid teak garden furniture is much tougher than most, there are still teak care and maintenance options available that will help to keep your furniture in top condition.

It’s no secret that we experience unpredictable and downright unpleasant weather conditions throughout the winter months - so having a little extra protection for your outdoor furniture never goes amiss.

At Cotswold Teak, we offer a superb range of premium maintenance, protection and care trio kits, that are specially designed to keep your solid teak garden furniture dazzling! See below to find out more about our unbeatable teak care range.

Golden Care Teak Protector

To start, we have our professional Golden Care Teak Protector - the perfect solution for preserving the overall integrity of solid teak garden furniture.

The Golden Care Teak Protector is a non-oily and non-greasy solution, which will allow you to easily maintain the beautiful natural golden tone that solid teak is widely renowned for.

What’s more, this highly trusted Teak Protector solution is a water-based formula that’s EcoSafe, so you can rest assured knowing that it does not contain any harmful solvents.

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Teak Cleaner

If you’re looking for a reliable and highly effective cleaning solution for your solid teak garden furniture, look no further - introducing the superb Golden Care Teak Cleaner.

The Golden Care Teak Cleaner is the perfect solution to use when giving your garden teak furniture a thorough cleaning. It’ll also help to effortlessly brighten and restore that beautiful golden tone, thanks to the inclusion of premium quality brightener within the concentrated formula - so, a little will go a long way!

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Teak Shield

Last, but certainly not least, we have the final part of the unbeatable teak care trio - the Golden Care Teak Shield.

This highly professional formula is specially designed to protect your solid teak furniture from all potential damage, which can even include damage caused by spillages and/or exposure to the harshest of weather conditions.

With the Golden Care Teak Shield, worrying about staining or discolouration of your solid teak garden furniture will be a concern that you can leave in the past. Our Teak Shield will help you to protect the overall integrity of your furniture, along with maintaining its natural beauty - as this highly sophisticated protection solution allows moisture and vapour transmission.

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We hope you’ve found our article on leaving your solid teak garden furniture outside for winter useful.

At Cotswold Teak, we not only offer a beautiful range of teak furniture but all of the oils and treatments you need to keep it looking at its finest.

If you have any questions or want to know more about any of our collections, feel free to contact our friendly team who will be happy to help with any queries you may have. Call us on 01608 682 191 or email [email protected].

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