Are you looking for the most popular, stylish and on-trend garden furniture? Then you’re in the right place. As one of the UK’s most popular suppliers of teak garden furniture, we know what characteristics make the perfect garden furniture. So, if you want to buy the best, keep on reading as the Cotswold Teak team reveals our best-selling teak furniture of all time.

Teak garden furniture sets

Let’s begin with a tour of our best-selling teak garden furniture sets. As you’d expect, these sets include everything you need to create the perfect seating and dining area in your garden, with a table and chairs.

Marbrook 4 Seater Teak Table 80cm x 80cm with Henley Stacking Chairs

Shop Now - Marbrook 4 Seater Teak Table 80cm x 80cm with Henley Stacking Chairs

The quintessential garden table and chairs set - the Marbook four seater table and accompanying Henley stacking chairs are ideal for patios, yards, gardens and beer gardens alike.

The Marbrook will comfortably seat four adults, making it ideal for intimate al fresco dining or casual socialising alike.

Made from the highest-quality, sustainably-sourced teak timber, the Marbrook features a robust 2.8cm thick table top with a timeless slatted inlay, with all of the table’s dovetail, mortise and tenon joints being dowelled to provide extra strength.

This is a table which will provide year after year of reliable service.

The four accompanying Henley chairs will do the same, thanks to their equally robust construction and high-quality teak timber.

Thanks to their novel design, the Henley chairs can be stacked, making storage simple.

Aside from that, the Henley chairs are ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort, whilst their slatted design means they’ll dry quickly following showers.

Burford Teak Coffee Table 100cm x 50cm with Crummock Chairs

Shop Now - Burford Teak Coffee Table 100cm x 50cm with Crummock Chairs

Create the perfect area in your garden to enjoy a coffee and read with the Burford coffee table and accompanying Crummock chairs.

Ideal for locating on patios, in sun traps and secluded corners of your garden, the Burford teak coffee table is 48cm high, 51cm wide and 100cm long, making it the optimal size for placing coffee and tea cups, newspapers and magazines whilst you relax in the garden.

The Crummock chairs feature a wonderful scrolled single piece back and arms which will allow you to relax in comfort.

Like all of our furniture, the Burford table and Crummock chairs are made from the highest-quality, sustainably-sourced teak, meaning they’ll not only provide years of service, but can be left in your garden all year round; perfect if you don’t have a shed or garage for storage.

For additional comfort and practicality, why not team this set with one of our matching parasols?

Teak garden tables

Buy the right type of table, and it can act as the central focal point for your outdoor socialising, dining and general living.

It’s exactly those kinds of tables that you’ll find here at Cotswold Teak. Made from the highest-quality teak, our range of tables encompasses models of varying sizes, dimensions and shapes.

Below, you’ll find some of our best-selling teak garden tables.

Winson Teak Round Folding Picnic Table

Shop Now - Winson Teak Round Folding Picnic Table

If you only tend to use your garden during the warmer months of the year, then you won’t necessarily want to invest in a large, permanent outdoor table. Instead, you’ll want something that, whilst sturdy and long-lasting, can be easily folded and stored away.

Enter the Winson.

Featuring an elegant, contemporary design and a built-in carry handle, the Winson’s lightweight, slimline and folding characteristics make it ideal for picnics, camping trips, music festivals or, of course, general use around your garden.

Having been kiln-dried, with all joints dowelled and made from quality teak, the Winson can also be left outside all-year-round.

Avon 8 Seater Extending Oval Teak Table - 150cm

Shop Now - Avon 8 Seater Extending Oval Teak Table - 150cm

If you want to buy a garden table that’s going to make a statement, then buy the Avon.

With an extendable length of 150cm to 210cm the Avon will comfortably accommodate eight people, making it ideal for outdoor dining, drinking and socialising.

The Avon’s ingenious extension mechanism is built into the frame itself, creating a sleek, seamless look to the table. With the extension leaves tucked away within the table, you’d be hard-pressed to identify it as an extending table - that is, until it’s extended in only a matter of seconds.

Whilst the Avon is a sizable and substantial garden table, it does feature a table-top which can be unscrewed from the base. The legs are collapsible too, meaning it’s straightforward to store the Avon away when required.

Having said that though, because the Avon is made from high-quality teak timber, it can be left outside all year round. That’s thanks to the unique properties of teak wood.

The Avon also features an incorporated parasol hole with a stylish brass fitting and cap - making it super simple to add a parasol.

Teak garden benches

A bench makes a classic, traditional addition to any garden. A place to sit and think. A place to watch the world go by. Adding a bench to your garden is the ideal way of encouraging you to spend more time in it, admiring your horticultural efforts.

Below, you’ll find a selection of our best-selling teak garden benches.

Buttermere 4 Seater Teak Garden Bench - 180cm

Shop Now - Buttermere 4 Seater Teak Garden Bench - 180cm

Ask someone to think of a classic garden bench, and in all likelihood what they think up will resemble the Buttermere.

Featuring a classic, timeless design, the Buttermere possesses simple, elegant lines, with gently carved armrests and a slightly angled back and very slightly curved seat - making it comfortable for long periods of sitting.

With a slatted back and seat, the Buttermere will quickly drain away rainwater, encouraging rapid drying.

Handcrafted from the highest-quality teak timber, all the Buttermere’s joints are dowelled to provide additional strength and durability, with a mortise and tenon frame. It’s also been kiln dried to ensure that the teak is as robust as possible.

In short, this is a very finely crafted garden bench which will easily withstand being left outside all-year-round.

If you want to anchor the Buttermere in place - for example if you’ll be placing it in a public place such as a beer garden - then you have the option to buy an additional fixing kit.

Warwick 2 Seater Teak Memorial Bench - 120cm (with personalised memorial plaque)

Shop Now - Warwick 2 Seater Teak Memorial Bench - 120cm (with personalised memorial plaque)

If you want to honour someone’s memory, then a bench is one of the most touching ways of doing so.

Perfect for either a private garden or a public beauty spot or park, the Warwick is a compact, yet high-quality memorial bench which will stand the test of time.

Thanks to the kiln-dried teak timber used in its construction, and the fact all of its joints are dowelled, the Warwick can be expected to last year after year, honouring your loved one’s memory.

It also comes with a quartz bronze memorial plaque which can be personalised with up to 19 characters, across four lines.

Teak chairs and loungers

Are you something of a sun worshipper? Do you take any chance you get to soak up the sun in your garden? Then you’ll enjoy exploring our range of best-selling teak chairs and loungers, the bestsellers of which are detailed below.

Toddington Teak Steamer Folding Chair

Shop Now - Toddington Teak Steamer Folding Chair

With a traditional, yet highly-practical design, the Toddington is the ideal steamer for gardens and patios across the UK.

Made from solid teak, the Toddington has multiple reclining positions, allowing you to achieve maximum comfort. To add another level of comfort, the Toddington also features an adjustable leg rest, meaning you can completely stretch out and relax.

Thanks to its considered, thoughtful design, the Toddington is also completely foldable, making storage a breeze. Having said that, thanks to its dowelled joints, brass hardware and kiln-dried teak timber, the Toddington can also be left outside all-year-round.

Chios Teak Steamer Chair

Shop Now - Chios Teak Steamer Chair

Made from transverse teak ribs to provide maximum comfort, the Chios is a steamer that combines both comfort and contemporary design into a single extraordinary package.

With multiple reclining positions and solid armrests, the Chios is a steamer that’ll allow you to relax to the fullest extent possible in your garden.

As it’s made from sustainably-sourced, solid teak, with brass hardware throughout and dowelled joints, the Chios is incredibly hard wearing and can, if you desire, be left outside all-year-round.


Whether you want to dine outside, or simply sit and enjoy your garden, a parasol is always a handy accessory to have close at hand. Below, you’ll find our best-selling parasol.

Premium Solid Teak Parasols

Shop Now - Premium Solid Teak Parasols

If you want a parasol that’ll perfectly complement your teak garden furniture, then select one of our premium solid teak parasols.

As you’ll probably have guessed from the name, these parasols are manufactured using the same sustainably-sourced, high-quality teak as our chairs, tables and steamers. They feature an eight ribbed design, which makes them easy to open and close.

With regards the canopy (which is available in green, blue or natural variants), this is made from a polyester fabric which has both a weatherproof coating and UPF sun protection level of 50.

Our premium solid teak parasols are also versatile, as they can be used in either a freestanding format or in combination with a weighted base.

Teak Garden Furniture Accessories

Aside from our chairs, tables, steamers and parasols, we also have a range of teak garden furniture accessories including cushions and teak care kits. Keep reading to discover our best-selling accessories below.

Teak Care & Protection

Shop Now - Teak Care & Protection Products

When you’ve just invested in high-quality teak garden furniture, you’re going to want to keep it in pristine condition for as long as possible.

Our range of best-selling teak care and production products can help you do just that.

The teak care and protection products that you will find in our range include Teak Shield - which has been formulated to protect teak wood and prevent staining. We also stock Teak Cleaner - which is designed to clean and restore discoloured, dark grey teak.

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