When it comes to finding garden furniture for your outdoor space, it’s no secret that there is an abundance of options out there to choose from.

We’re here to help you narrow your search by providing a checklist of garden furniture options that we believe are the foundations of a beautiful yet practical outdoor area.

Read on to discover the ultimate garden furniture checklist…

Factors to consider

Before we go into our garden furniture checklist, we thought it may be useful to highlight the key factors to consider when decorating your outdoor space.

> Consider the size of your garden. Select furniture that will fit perfectly, as opposed to purchasing pieces that will take up a disproportionate amount of the available space.

> Consider the layout of your garden. Similar to the point above, ensure that the furniture slots in well with the unique layout of your outdoor space.

> Consider your lifestyle and prioritise accordingly. Do you love to eat outdoors? Or do you prefer to lounge around basking in the sun? Or both? Purchase garden furniture that will suit your preferences.

> Do you love to host? Consider purchasing furniture that can be extended when catering for large parties.

> Consider the quality and the material above all else, as it’s always better to invest in high-quality garden furniture pieces that’ll last for years to come. For example, solid teak is naturally a very durable and resilient timber, and it’ll also maintain its premium appearance for much longer than the average garden furniture set.

> Do you use your garden furniture throughout the whole year? Or do you prefer to store it away during the colder months? Ensure that you purchase outdoor additions that are made from high-quality materials and can withstand the elements or, if you prefer to store away your furniture, consider purchasing outdoor furniture that can be moved around more easily.

Garden furniture checklist

Generally speaking, it doesn’t take much to create a highly practical yet beautiful garden space.

Depending on your lifestyle and preferences, it might be more beneficial to just focus on finding the right essential pieces for you. See below for the garden furniture that we believe every outdoor space would benefit from, along with a few worthwhile extras for those who are seeking a luxurious touch.

Folding Two Seater Oropos Solid Teak Bistro Set - shop now.

Outdoor furniture sets

Outdoor furniture sets make for the perfect addition when it comes to dining al fresco, and there are a variety of sizes, styles and finishes to choose from so that you can invest in a furniture set that’s best suited to you.

Extending Rectangular Solid Teak 12 Seater Table with Grisdale Chairs Garden Set - shop now.

At Cotswold Teak, we offer a variety of incredible outdoor furniture sets which make for the perfect addition to any garden, with both fixed or foldable options readily available.

If you’re looking for an outdoor furniture set that’ll suit a terrace, patio or a smaller outdoor setting, we would recommend browsing through our premium range of patio furniture or investing in a gorgeous bistro set. This way, you’ll have what you need to create a comfortable and stunning outdoor environment, in a size that suits the setting.

Round Solid Teak 6 Seater Table with Crummock Chairs Garden Set - shop now.

If you’re not sure on what the right shape is for you, we also offer a variety of designs to suit different garden layouts. For example, if you have a particularly large outdoor area, a grand rectangular addition would be a superb option.

Alternatively, if you would like a garden furniture set to place in the centre of your outdoor space as a stunning focal point, we would recommend browsing our range of circular or oval-shaped outdoor furniture sets.

When you browse our incredible range of outdoor furniture sets, you’ll be welcomed with an extensive range of specific subcategories, making it super easy to find exactly what you want. Our selection includes a wide range of:

2 to 10+ seater furniture sets.

> Standard size outdoor furniture sets, which include small,medium and largesets.

Fixed solid teak table and chairs sets.

Fully extendable solid teak table and chair sets.

Bistro-style solid teak table and chair sets.

Rectangular solid teak table and chair sets.

Round solid teak table and chair sets.

Oval solid teak table and chair sets.

Bar table and stool sets.

> Love bits and bobs from different collections? Build your own unique solid teak outdoor furniture set here.

Extending Oval Solid Teak 6 Seater Table with Crummock Bench and Chair Garden Set - shop now.


Great outdoor chairs are an essential part of creating the perfect garden, and there’s no shortage of options to choose from when it comes to styles, sizes and designs.

Crummock Carver Solid Teak Chair - shop now.

At Cotswold Teak, we offer an unparalleled range of solid teak garden chairs - all you’ll need to do is simply determine what it is you want from your outdoor seating arrangements.

Two Toddington Teak Steamers with a Complimentary Table - shop now.

For example, would you prefer a reclining option so that you can lay back and soak up the sun? A lounger or steamer could be perfect for you. Or maybe you’re looking for the ultimate chair for relaxing? Try adding an outdoor rocking chair to your garden and thank us later. Prefer a seating option that’s easy to store away? We would recommend browsing our folding solid teak chair options or choosing a highly portable solution, such as a solid teak deck chair.

Traditional Solid Teak Sindos Beach Deck Chair - shop now.

Our selection stands out from the rest, simply because of the unmatched quality, along with the variety of styles we have for you to choose from. Our full range of beautiful garden chairs include:

Solid teak armchairs.

Solid teak fixed chairs.

Solid teak stacking chairs.

Solid teak deck chairs.

Solid teak folding chairs.

Solid teak sun loungers & steamers.

Solid teak dining chairs.

Solid teak rocking chairs.

Complete full solid teak chair sets.

Traditional Solid Teak Rocking Chair - shop now.


A reliable outdoor table is a must-have when it comes to creating an idyllic garden space. Having access to a useful surface is just as important outdoors as it is indoors, and there are tons of styles, sizes and designs for you to choose from here at Cotswold Teak.

Four Seater Solid Teak Folding Turin Garden Table - shop now.

Outdoor tables provide you with the perfect place to dine al fresco or set down your cup of coffee, or you could even use your garden table as an alternative workstation (for those who work from home). After all, a practical and comfortable outdoor space when the weather’s nice can feel like a godsend when you’re indoors most of the time!

Two Seater Solid Teak Keros Bar Table - shop now.

What type of outdoor table to go for will ultimately come down to personal preference. Some may be content with adding a smaller addition (such as a gorgeous little butler's tray), whilst others may prefer a large extendable addition to share laughs with friends and/or family.

When it comes to what’s best for you and your garden, the choice is yours - and we have the perfect range to choose from, no matter what your needs or preferences are.

Solid Teak Hidcote Butlers Tray - shop now.

Our selection of solid teak tables is truly unparalleled, all specially designed to offer a unique and elegant touch to any outdoor area. Our full range of beautiful garden tables include:

> A variety of solid teak tables that can comfortably fit 2 to 10+ people.

> Standard size solid teak tables (small, mediumandlarge).

Solid teak fixed tables.

Solid teak fully extendable tables.

Solid teak picnic tables.

Solid teak side tables.

Solid teak coffee tables.

Solid teak Lazy Suzan tables.

Rectangular solid teak tables.

Oval solid teak tables.

Square solid teak tables.

Round solid teak tables.

Extending Oval Solid Teak 12 Seater Table - shop now.


If you believe that you would benefit from a more spacious seating option where you could comfortably share a spot in the sun with a loved one - a high-quality garden bench truly is a superb option to add to your garden furniture checklist.

Wasdale Solid Teak 2 Seater Bench - shop now.

Garden benches are one of the most underrated furniture options when it comes to showcasing personal style - without having to compromise on how practical your outdoor area is.

Ambleside Solid Teak 2 Seater Companion Bench - shop now.

Not only are garden benches a stunning addition to any outdoor setting, but they are also luxuriously comfortable. Well, ours are!

Garden benches can also look wonderful either with an accompanying table or on their own, and they don’t have to take up much space at all - as garden benches can be positioned against a wall, depending on the style of bench you go for.

Crummock Solid Teak 3 Seater Bench - shop now.

Similar to other garden furniture additions, garden benches can also vary significantly when it comes to design, size and style.

At Cotswold Teak, we offer a superb selection of solid teak garden benches that all have unique styles and designs, making it easier than ever to enhance your outdoor area.

Our full range of garden bench variations include:

2 to 5 seater solid teak benches.

> Standard size solid teak benches (small, mediumandlarge).

Solid teak armless benches.

Solid teak backless benches.

Memorial solid teak benches.

Solid teak banana benches.

Solid teak companion benches.

Solid teak tree benches.

Curved solid teak benches.

Round solid teak benches.

Esthwaite Solid Teak 2 Seater Bench - shop now.


Outdoor heating additions are a highly practical feature, especially if you live in the UK!

Thanks to that good old British weather pattern, who knows when we’ll need an extra source of warmth - plus, this feature effortlessly oozes luxury.

Umbrella Gas Patio Heater - shop now.

When it comes to outdoor heating options, the two main types are patio heaters and outdoor firepits. Both are extremely desirable additions in terms of appearance and the level of warmth that’s radiated, so it’ll depend on which is better suited to you and your lifestyle.

Pyramid Garden Fire Pit - shop now.

For example, if you love the look and feel of an open fire, a gorgeous firepit would be a superb option for you. Or, if you have children or grandchildren over to visit frequently, you may feel better choosing a patio heater as they provide a little extra protection.

Mini Patio Heater - shop now.

If you would like to know more about our premium outdoor heating, see our patio heater buying guide here and/or our firepit buying guide here.

Pit Garden Fire Pit - shop now.


The last addition on our garden furniture checklist is a high-quality parasol - which will be sure to come in handy, whatever the season!

A great parasol will provide you with much-needed shelter on those scorching hot days, whilst also providing you with shelter on the dampest of days. In other words, you’ll always have a space where you can sit back, relax and enjoy your garden, even if you need a little extra protection from the elements.

Solid Teak Hardwood Parasol - shop now.

At Cotswold Teak, we offer the most gorgeous selection of premium quality outdoor parasols, in a range of colour variations to ensure a perfect match for your outdoor space. All of our parasols are made with careful precision to ensure the best quality on the market.

What’s more, the fundamental components of our parasol collection are made using premium quality solid teak, and the gorgeous textiles that act as the shelter are made with treated weatherproof polyester fabric, which allows for UPF sun protection level 50.

Aluminium Crank & Tilt 3m Parasol - shop now.

Our gorgeous premium quality parasol collection includes aluminium parasols and solid teak parasols - to discover their unique features, browse our entire selection here.

If you’re looking for the perfect outdoor furniture additions for your garden, you can find them here at Cotswold Teak

We hope you’ve found our ultimate garden furniture checklist useful.

At Cotswold Teak, we offer a beautiful range of solid teak garden furniture, with an extensive variety of styles to choose from to help you create an outdoor space that’s perfect for you and your lifestyle.

If you have any questions or want to know more about any of our collections, feel free to contact our friendly team who will be happy to help with any queries you may have. Call us on 01608 544 825 or email [email protected].

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