Nowadays, more and more people are starting to look into how they can make their homes and outdoor space more environmentally friendly. If this sounds like a topic of interest to you, you’ll want to read on.

When it comes to finding superb furnishing options for your garden, you’ll want to ensure that the pieces you invest in do not harm the environment, without having to compromise on premium quality and personal preference.

We’re here to shed some light on what materials are used to create environmentally friendly and sustainable garden furniture, as well as providing you with a few ethical garden furniture recommendations. Read on to discover the most environmentally friendly garden furniture…

What is environmentally friendly garden furniture?

You may hear the term “environmentally friendly” or “eco-friendly” being thrown around quite a bit, so we wouldn’t blame you for not having a full understanding of what these terms actually mean. So, let’s start with a definition!

When something is classed as environmentally friendly, it means it has no harmful impact on the environment. So, in relation to garden furniture - it means that the furniture is made from sustainable materials that have no detrimental effects on the environment.

It’s always more environmentally friendly to invest in high-quality furniture pieces that are made from premium quality materials. This is especially true within a garden setting, as they will need to be made with durability in mind so that they can withstand the elements. This is not only kinder to the environment in the long term, but it will also allow you to avoid having to find replacements as frequently.

In addition to the above, environmentally friendly materials can be recycled and are also easily replaced. So, with all factors considered (durability, appearance and quality), the best and most environmentally friendly natural material to go for is wood. For example, this would include ethically sourced solid teak, rattan or bamboo.

It’s worth mentioning that just because a material is natural does not always ensure that it’s environmentally friendly to manufacture and/or produce. In fact, a recent study (based on 29 countries) found that the production of aluminium was responsible for 861Mt of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions.

Garden furniture that harms the environment

The perfect example of garden furniture that’s unsustainable and harmful to the environment would be those that are made from materials that cannot be naturally and/or ethically sourced.

Garden furniture additions that are made from artificial materials (such as plastic) will require a huge amount of energy throughout the production process - generating significant amounts of greenhouse gas emissions that are then released into the atmosphere. This, of course, harms the environment.

What’s more, plastic doesn’t tend to be a durable material and it does not decompose. Well, it will eventually - but it’ll take around 450+ years for this to happen! What this means is that items made from plastic have become one of the largest contributors to the excessive amount of waste found in landfills. Plastic is also the main culprit when it comes to the pollution of our oceans.

Why solid teak is a great environmentally friendly option for garden furniture

Solid teak is a superb option for those who are looking for high-quality garden furniture that’s also environmentally friendly.

Solid teak falls into the hardwood category. This means that any garden furniture pieces made from this material are extremely strong and durable, eliminating the need to replace these types of additions as frequently. In fact, solid teak garden furniture that’s maintained and cared for correctly can easily last for decades to come.

What’s more, timber (such as solid teak) in general tends to be a more sustainable option, thanks to having a lesser impact on the environment in regards to pollution. Solid teak is a premium quality natural material, meaning that it can always be replaced. It’s also a recyclable material that can be re-purposed, should you ever want to indulge in an up-cycling project!

In addition to the above, although timber does tend to be a more sustainable option, garden furniture made from solid teak still reigns supreme. This is because it’s a very dense wood, with a significantly higher oil content than other timber options, maintaining its premium appearance for much longer than most garden furniture sets.

FLEGT licensed timber

Our customers can rest assured that all of our garden furniture options are made using sustainable and ethical (Grade A solid teak) materials only. So, when it comes to premium quality solid teak garden furniture, you can’t get more eco-friendly than us!

At Cotswold Teak, we realise the importance of ethically sourcing quality materials such as solid teak. That’s why every single garden furniture piece we offer is made from FLEGT (Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade) licensed timber. To learn more about our FLEGT licenses, please visit our page here.

Cotswold Teak - the home of quality solid teak garden furniture

For inspiration purposes, we thought that it would be a good idea to show you some of our best-selling garden furniture pieces from our extensive selection here at Cotswold Teak.See below for a few beautiful examples of environmentally friendly solid teak garden furniture.

Extending Oval Solid Teak 10 Seater Table with Malvern Chairs Garden Set

To start, we have our stunning Extending Oval Solid Teak 10 Seater Table with Malvern Chairs Garden Set - the perfect addition to any garden or terrace space, especially for those who have a larger area to furnish.

This is a striking outdoor furniture set option that will comfortably accommodate up to 10 people. The gorgeous oval table shape with the inclusion of 10 stunning Malvern chairs makes this addition a stunning focal point in any garden setting, as well as being highly practical. If you have a large family and/or love to be the host of garden parties, this is the perfect option for you.

Extending Oval Solid Teak 10 Seater Table with Malvern Chairs Garden Set - shop now.

Toddington Folding Solid Teak Steamer Sun Lounger

Next, what better way to enjoy the warmer months ahead than with our Toddington Folding Solid Teak Steamer Sun Lounger? The perfect addition to any garden setting, allowing you to have full access to unparalleled comfort.

Our stunning Toddington Folding Steamer Sun Lounger is made from premium quality (grade A) solid teak, featuring a sophisticated ergonomic design to ensure unbeatable comfort and support.

This foldable steamer is made with the understanding that what’s considered comfortable will vary for everyone - which is why the Toddington has fully adjustable leg rests, as well as a variety of reclining options.

Toddington Folding Solid Teak Steamer Sun Lounger - shop now.

Solid Teak Keros Bar Table & 2 Bar Stools

Are you looking for a premium quality feature to create a comfortable yet stunning bar area in your garden? Look no further. Introducing our beautifully crafted Solid Teak Keros Bar Table & 2 Bar Stools Set - the perfect seating arrangement to relax or share a drink with loved ones.

Our Solid Teak Keros Bar Table & 2 Bar Stools Set is known for being an amazing addition to any garden, especially for those who are looking to create the perfect outdoor setting to thoroughly enjoy the warmer months ahead.

Solid Teak Keros Bar Table & 2 Bar Stools - shop now.

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We hope you’ve found our article on the most environmentally friendly garden furniture useful. At Cotswold Teak, we offer a beautiful range of luxury solid teak garden furniture, with an extensive variety of styles to choose from to help you create your very own outdoor haven.

If you have any questions or want to know more about any of our collections, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our friendly team who will be happy to help with any queries you may have. Call us on 01608 544 825 or email [email protected].

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